Témoignage de Pierre : découvrez le métier de Pierre, Chef de projet Maghreb

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Testimonial of Pierre

« The responsibility entrusted to me within the organisation is very gratifying for me. » Barely out of the Paris Business School (EDC) Pierre began his professional career at Reed in the international department of the Pollutec shows. He started in July 2014 under a fixed-term contract working on Pollutec Morocco and quickly adapted to the post of international sales representative. Once the show had ended, he continued his experience working on SIEE Pollutec Algeria under a permanent contract. In January 2017, thanks to the years of experience, he evolved as a referent for these same two shows. Faced with these new responsibilities, he deems this as appropriate recognition for his work and remains very positive. Indeed, today he manages these projects in their entirety and has become versatile in his job as project manager: the budget, service providers, invitations to tender, suppliers, business development, etc. His challenge is to manage to juggle between the two annual events which are held only six months apart. Being on the same market, Pierre has good business relations with the exhibitors that he meets with several times a year…this helps him with his marketing. These events abroad are always outstanding moments. Although things have always gone well, he remembers, with a slightly tight-lipped smile, that during his first SIEE Pollutec Algeria, a cabinet reshuffle forced the show to postpone the opening by two days. He then had to telephone all the exhibitors to inform them of the unfortunate matter. Despite this incident, all the professionals in the sector were at the event…with a smile! If Pierre had to give advice to a future colleague, it would be to have an open and curious mind. Overseas shows correspond to a different culture, as do the organisation, the technical constraints, the service providers, the language, etc.  Not wanting to lose the thread of the conversations, he has decided to learn Arabic and already has some elementary knowledge of it: that’s what makes a good Project Manager the Maghreb!
Pierre, Project Manager the Maghreb

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