Témoignage de Kassoum, chef de produit internet au sein de Reed Expositions France

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Testimonial of Kassoum

“Reed, means encountering a multitude of opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.”

Kassoum, Internet product manager, passionate about digital technology, started working at Reed in February 2015. It is his first permanent contract.  He still remembers the presentation that was given during his job interview…a company looking for new talent and offering lots of opportunities for a profile like his. The world of trade and consumer shows was totally new to him, but he felt ready to meet the challenge.

A year and a half later, his experiences at the Sandwich & Snack Show, Vending Paris or EquipHotel, have enabled him to grasp the dynamic aspect of event management. According to Kassoum, flexibility, attentiveness to the needs of the teams, as well as a taste for innovation are the three qualities required to be able to provide solutions in a constantly changing environment. The exhibitors’ extranets and website visitors hold no secrets for him now; they benefit from his expertise, ever rethinking their functionality to serve the customers better.

The adaptability required to pass from one show to another and the daily contacts with the marketing and communication teams make the job of Internet project manager a broad and formative one. He is the centre point between the technical requirements of the show and the service providers.

Beginning his career at Reed will be a good calling card for him in the future!

Kassoum, Internet Product Manager