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Testimonial of Jennifer

« I joined the Paris Book Paris team just two months before the fair, I had to be efficient! » Recruited by Reed in January 2014, Jennifer had the opportunity of teaming up to work with the person in charge of partnerships for all the special events held at the shows headed by the Food Service & Hospitality division: Sandwich & Snack Show, Parizza,  Vending, EquipHotel, Marocotel. In the course of her various experiences, she has organised and managed a number of events such as the French Pizza Championship at Parizza, the Marocotel Resto des Chefs in Morocco, or further still STUDIO16 at EquipHotel. Since January 2017, Jennifer has been discovering the world of the Paris Book Fair. This new challenge has enabled her to know a new market, but above all to discover the concerns of a consumer show. The sponsorship approach is notably very different from that of EquipHotel. It is through exchanging with Olivia Horvath, the person in charge of partnerships for the Paris Book Fair, and reflecting on the priorities to be defined, that she managed to tackle this new aspect of her duties. Celebrating three years at Reed, Jennifer was awarded along with her the rest of her team a great award during the annual meeting this past January 2017. Indeed, she received the Talent award for Customer Innovation for the STUDIO16 project which was a bona fide success during the 2016 EquipHotel. She received the award as a sign of recognition for all the work carried out over the past two years to provide a real customer experience. Moreover, according to Jennifer the key word for joining Reed Expositions is passion. Being customer oriented is vital for doing well in your job and having genuine moments of mutual assistance and sharing with the team.
Jennifer, Special Events and Partnerships

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