Témoignage de David, Chef de Projet Oracle, au sein de Reed Expositions France

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Testimonial of David


« The significance of the work, the contacts and the training are my motivating factors. »

Arriving in 2009 as a developer for a 3-month fixed-term contract, David quickly turned this trial period into a permanent contract becoming an Oracle project manager. Oracle is an information system that processes all of the company’s financial perimeters. His main internal clients are therefore the members of the finance department and staff for the management of purchase orders, expense claim forms, processing and payment of invoices, etc. This information system has existed for ten years and David has participated in its development meeting the needs of the departments and employees, facilitating its use, but also to be compliant with regulations (for example, the change of VAT in 2014, going from 19.6% to 20%). In addition to the development work, David likes to train his colleagues and pass on his knowledge to improve their Oracle experience. If he were to offer advice to a future employee David would say to be autonomous, while at the same time being able to ask for advice and assistance from other departments. According to him, Reed is first and foremost a very formative company where human relations take precedence and where the diversity of jobs has allowed him to learn a lot about people and functions.

David, Oracle Project Manager