Témoignage d'Antoine travaille au Service Exposants des salons FIAC et Paris Photo

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Testimonial of Antoine

“Knowing how to question oneself and have the will to do better from one session to the next.”

Antoine joined Reed 9 years ago as Exhibitor Service Manager and quickly evolved to take on the job of Technical Manager. In Rome, in April 2016, he received a “Chairman’s Award” from the hands of Chet Burchett, CEO of Reed Exhibitions from 2004 to 2020, for his involvement in FIAC and Paris Photo.

Antoine worked on the synergies possible between FIAC and Paris Photo, two exhibitions that are held at the Grand Palais venue three days apart – build-up and breakdown periods included: Which spaces do they have in common? How should they be arranged? How to manage all the technical and financial impacts?

He is a proactive creative force, improving procedures and the course of the show. He is the one who ensures the production of the event runs smoothly under the very best conditions in terms of quality, time and costs. His interpersonal skills and good coordination between service providers and the exhibition centre are decisive factors. He also manages the production budget.

The qualities of a technical manager at Reed? Rigour, resourcefulness, knowing how to work as a member of a team…and being ready to manage the multiple unexpected developments that are sure to arise.

Antoine, Operations Manager FIAC, Paris Photo, Paris Book Fair

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