Reed Expositions vous conseille pour une visite efficace

Reed expositions

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Our advice for an effective visit

Set yourself clear objectives

What do you expect from your visit? Do you want to discover new products, compare products, meet companies, attend lectures, find new suppliers…?


Reserve your badge online to avoid the queues at the entrances.

Plan your visit

Set up your own personal portal on the event website. It’s a genuine mobile office that gives you access to all the practical information and services of a personal assistant: register your colleagues, send out invitations, book lectures, manage your business meeting and contact requests from exhibitors who are interested in your profile.

Identify companies to meet

Consult the online list of exhibitors, products and innovations in order to choose the companies (suppliers, competitors, innovators…) and the products or services that you want to see. Organise the order of your visit and print out your planned itinerary.

Set your priorities

You will not be able to see everything, identify and list your ‘must sees’.

Fix meetings

If you have a specific project, the event can put you in touch with the suppliers of suitable products or solutions. Use the tools that we offer in your personal portal by entering your profile and the nature of your project.

Book for workshops and lectures

Usually free, these are unique opportunities for discussions with experts or for viewing demonstrations in order to evaluate products and solutions.

Don’t miss the key moments for forging contacts

The event opening, awards ceremonies, evening receptions, parties… These are the opportunities to meet key contacts. Put them in your diary.

Subscribe to information sources

In order to keep abreast of everything before, during and after the event, sign up for the show newsletter, follow the event through its blogs and on social networks…


The event app to stay informed before and during the show and to receive podcasts and webcasts of the lectures online after the event.