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Reed Expositions France, the French subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading events organiser, has been working to develop useful internet services and websites (the ‘Sites’ ) that are safe, easy to use and respectful of our customers. The Sites are the property of Reed Expositions France, a limited liability company, with a capital of €90,000,000, registered with the Nanterre Registry of Businesses and Companies under number 410 219 364 and with its registered office at 52, quai de Dion-Bouton, 92800, Puteaux, France. The publisher for the various Sites is Mr Michel Filzi.


The service providers providing direct and permanent hosting of the various Sites are:
Exhibis – Your Event Software
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227, bureaux de la Colline 92210 Saint-Cloud


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3. General warning

Reed Expositions France or any other party acting in relation to the Sites shall not be liable for direct, indirect or other loss that might result from access to or use of these Sites or the information featured thereon, including any damage to or viruses that might infect your IT equipment or any other property. The publisher accepts no liability for errors or omissions that may be found, despite the care taken in the preparation of and the updating of the information published on the Sites. Reference, on the Sites, to products, companies or other websites is solely for the purpose of informing visitors and does not in any way constitute a recommendation of products, companies or Internet services. Reed Expositions France may in no case be held liable for the use of the products or services of these companies or websites.

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Reed Expositions France offers links from its Sites to other affiliated and unaffiliated sites. Such sites are independent of the Sites managed by Reed Expositions France. Reed Expositions France does not publish or control these sites. In any event, links to any sites do not constitute approval or a partnership between Reed Expositions France and these sites. Consequently, Reed Expositions France shall not be liable for their content, their products, their advertising or any elements or services presented on these sites. We would remind you that affiliated or unaffiliated sites are subject to their own general terms and conditions of use and policies for the protection of privacy. Any hypertext link to the Sites managed by Reed Expositions France installed on a site managed by a customer or any other person managing a website shall be subject to the express and prior agreement of Reed Expositions France. This requirement shall be optional if the approach was initiated by the manager of the present Site. The use of visual elements in order to install such a hypertext link must be subject to the prior authorization of Reed Expositions France and may be tacitly assumed for customers who have registered with Reed Expositions France and who may possibly download these elements from one of the Sites.

5. Compliance with regulations

The Sites are set up by Reed Expositions France, which has a registered office situated in France. Web surfers accessing the sites from countries other than France must ensure that they abide by the applicable local laws.

6. Access to the site

Reed Expositions France reserves the right to cancel, amend, suspend or interrupt access to the Sites in full or in part, including access to the content, functionality or hours of availability, without prior notice, at its sole discretion and for any reason. You acknowledge and accept that so far as use of the Sites is concerned, any equipment required to allow such Internet connection shall be your concern and that you shall be liable for the costs relating thereto.

7. Respect for the protection of personal information

For further information regarding our policy in the matter of data protection, please refer to the notice regarding the protection of personal information.

8. Photo credits

Abracadabra Studio – Christian Bamale – Charlotte Boisseau – Jeremie Bouillon – Cyril Chapin – Arnaud Chapuis – Collectif Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc – Collectif Stéphane Laure – Raoul Dobremel – Marc Domage – Jérôme Dominé – Faust Favard – Blaise Gargadennec – Eric Herouville – Jérôme Kelagopian – Mohamed Krimat – Mhamed Lachab – Stéphane Laure – Amélie Laurin – Michel Leclercq – Olivia Marocco – Jeff McLane – Men’s Up TV – Alexandre Nestora – Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc – Enguerran Ouvray – Marcos Poiderbard – Alain Potignon – Jonathan Roy – Marion Ruszniewski – Nathalie Savale – Greg Sevaz – Pierre-Olivier Signe – SISSO – Spire Film Making-Abracadabra Studio – Anne-Emmanuelle Thion – Marie-Amélie Tondu – Alix William