Handi-Cook: atelier de sensibilisation chez Reed Handi-Cook: atelier de sensibilisation chez Reed

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HandiCook: Awareness Workshop

The “HandiCook” workshop helped mark the 10th anniversary of the Handicap Mission. About a hundred employees participated in the various events on offer, as well as the closing cocktail reception held for the occasion.

Conducted for the first time at Reed, the HandiCook workshop was run by the ESAT Berthier (an establishment and services offering assistance to the disabled through work). This Parisian ESAT manages a restaurant located in the 17th arrondissement, “Paul Scarlett’s”. Its chef and three of its cooks with disabilities came to Reed with the ingredients and technical equipment necessary to make three to four sweet verrines. Three groups of five employees each were formed. The activity lasted three hours and finished with a tasting where a panel of judges composed of persons in-house as well as from outside the company rated the dishes.

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