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When you visit our web site, cookies are placed on your computer, your mobile or your tablet. The Reed Expositions France site has been set up to respond to the requirements and expectations of its Internet visitors. To this end, we make use of cookies in order to identify you and access your account, remember your visits and personalize the content that we offer you. This page provides you with the information that you need to know about the functioning of cookies and the tools used to configure them.

  • What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files of information that a web site may send to the hard disc of a computer for tracking purposes. The cookies are managed on your computer by your Internet browser.

  • What is the purpose of the cookies issued by our web site?

Reed Expositions France cookies
These are cookies placed by Reed Expositions France on your terminal for the purposes of navigating on our web site, and optimizing and personalizing our services on the site.

Third party cookies
Cookies may be issued from our web site by third parties as a result of third party applications integrated into it, via third party content distributed in our advertising spaces or by an external advertising producer operating our advertising spaces.

These cookies permit:

  • the tracking of the number of times the advertising content distributed via our advertising spaces has been displayed and the number of users who have clicked on it, which in turn allows the amounts due to be calculated and statistics to be drawn up.
  • To recognize your terminal on any subsequent navigation on any site or service from which these advertisers or third parties also distribute cookies and to adapt the content to the navigation of your terminal.
  • Various types of cookies

Various types of cookies are used on our site for different purposes. Some of these are necessary for your use of our site.

Cookies that are strictly necessary
These are cookies that are necessary for the functionality on our site. They permit you to use the primary functionalities of our site. Without these cookies you would not be able to use our site normally. These are cookies placed by Reed Expositions France that only concern the functioning of our site.

The cookies that are essential to the use of our site are:

UID Visitor Indentifier
ASP.NET_SessionId Session Identifier
TEST Cookie placement test

Analytical cookies

These are cookies that allow us to learn about the use and performance of our site and to improve its functionality (for example, the most frequently consulted pages, surfer searches using the Reed Expositions France search engine…).
These are mainly Reed Expositions France cookies.

Functional cookies

These are cookies that allow us to personalize your experience on our site. They also allow you to benefit from content that is adapted to where you are navigating from. These are cookies placed by Reed Expositions France.

Advertising cookies

These are cookies used to present you with advertisements or to present you with information tailored to your areas of interest, either on our site or outside our site during your Internet browsing. In particular, they are used to limit the number of times your see an advertisement and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Refusing to accept these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our site. However, refusing to accept advertising cookies will not halt advertising on our site or on the Internet. Its sole effect will be the display of advertisements that take no account of your areas of interest or your preferences. These cookies are mainly third party cookies. These cookies primarily depend upon advertising rules and we cannot provide a comprehensive list of them.

uid, pp, uic, evt, udc, acdc,dis, zdi, udi, eid, opt, r.ack Personalized display of advertising banners external to the site.

Social media cookies and plug-ins (social buttons)

These social cookies aim to allow users to share pages and content via third party social networks. They also allow the advertising offered on such social networks to be targeted. Our site also uses ‘plug-ins’ or social buttons.
In particular, social plug-ins allow pages and content from the site to be shared more easily on the various social platforms. They allow you, for example, to ‘like’ and to share information originating from our site with your friends on social media.

To this end, the plug-ins use cookies that allow the navigation of web surfers to be tracked whether or not you are users of these platforms and whether or not you are connected to the social network during your browsing. These cookies also allow the advertisements offered on these platforms to be targeted.
For further information about the use of your personal information in connection with social media you may consult the confidentiality policies of the third party social networks in question.

Accept or reject cookies

You have various options for managing cookies.

Configuring your internet navigator

You can choose to turn off these cookies at any time. Your browser can also be configured to notify you of the cookies that have been placed on your computer and to ask you whether to accept them or not.
You can accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis or reject them systematically once and for all.
We would remind you that the configuration of your browser is liable to modify your conditions of access to our services requiring the use of cookies.
The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the Help [Preferences?] menu of your browser, which tells you how you can change you preferences regarding cookies.
You can deactivate the cookies by following the instructions via the following links.

Configuration on a cookie management platform
You can manage your cookies by visiting cookie management platforms offered by advertising professionals.

Further information about cookies
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