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Handicap Mission

The 5th collective “Handicap” agreement
was signed on 31 May for the 2018-20 period.

  • Main course of action…

Promote the retention of employees with disabilities

– Communicate, sensitize, train and follow career changes

-Recruit and integrate disabled employees

– Work with the adapted and protected sector

– Help employees with a sick, injured or disabled child

  • Our actions?

– Create a “Handicap Mission” through the recognition of a disabled person’s specific skills and anticipation of any special needs when fitting out their workstations.

– Organise events to raise awareness of the disability issue within a company: Blind massages, Interactive Quizzes, Inter-team Challenges

– Lauch competitions: “Handi’CAP sur les achats  to encourage employees to head for the disabled sector when looking to buy services and a disability competition to envisage what facilities to offer and what services to provide at our shows for people with disabilities.

– Promote Outsourcing: the Etablissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail (ESAT) and the Entreprises adaptées (EA) place people at our disposal or provide services that we outsource in the course of organising our events (handling, stuffing envelopes, reception, catering, etc.).

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